Use OpenCV with Gstreamer

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最近在Rockchip Linux的平台尝试了一下OpenCV + Gstreamer的组合, 发现效果还蛮不错的. :)
过程中有些心得, 在这里记录一下…. 我想这些也不只适用RockChip平台,因为涉及的都是标准的概念, 比如DMABUF, DRM, OpenCL,G2D…放到像Intel, Nvdia这些平台也是成立的.

Burn Mac Address(Rockchip Linux)

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Unlike rockchip android, we don’t limit you how to get mac address. You can write/read it in any places.

Show Boot Logo(Rockchip Linux)

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Unlik rockchip android, we don’t have a complete method for boot logo on linux.

Swap video layer(Rockchip Linux)

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By default, Video layer is on top of GUI layer, which means you can’t put GUI items on top of video.

Multimedia User Guide(Rockchip Linux)

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