Swap video layer(Rockchip Linux)

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By default, Video layer is on top of GUI layer, which means you can’t put GUI items on top of video.

Multimedia User Guide(Rockchip Linux)

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1. Overall

Bluetooth(Rockchip Linux)

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Rockchip 蓝牙模块统一使用的HCI驱动,因此调试主要是电源相关的配置。

Build a wayland desktop by yocto

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Wayland has been introduced as a replacement to the x11 for a long time but there is still a long way to go in the pc linux world.

怎么选择 Embedded Linux 的图形框架

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对于Android开发者来说,基本不用关心图形方案这些细节,你只要调用java的class,最后的性能都是有原厂和谷歌验证过的。 但对Linux开发者来说,情况要复杂的多,没有一个完美方案。。